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Boat Rental Services

One week

The weekly charters start Saturday 04:00 pm and finished the following Saturday at 09:00 am. Friday night the boat must be back at start location.

Mooring is not included, the clients can decide to pay the extra cost for mooring to rest more comfortable. We recomended to rent a mooring the final day to sleep in the port to make it easier. If the previous client has rented a mooring, you will embark from there.

Shared boat

By renting a cabin you´ll enjoy a week sharing the boat with other sea lovers, making new friends.

“To share a boat” has the same conditions as “Weekly chárter”. The extra costs (fuel, mooring, etc.) will be divided between all the passangers.

A few days before we set sail, we will get in contact for the passengers to participate in the preparing of provisions/special requests.

The route will be “Ibiza-Formentera”

One Day charter

The day charter is 8 hours. This is de best choice if you want enjoy sailing and combine other activities during your holidays in the island of Ibiza, Formentera or Mallorca. By default, the place to start and finish is San Antonio (Ibiza), but we consider other locations, if so, please, contact us before.

Boat rental with Skipper

A professional skipper is required to rent some Spanish Charters boats. Our company will ease you a professional skipper for each boat if necessary.

A professional skipper allows you enjoy a better sailing. This skipper will handle moorings and whichothers problems on board, such as drive it to reach the best beachs and coves, restaurants and activities.

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